Evening by the Riverside


It gets dark at times… And somehow you find yourself five years older. But you hardly remember what happened during this time. Sitting on the riverside, you try hard to understand what went wrong but you never find an answer. Only the sound of a long forgotten tune rises a feeling of revenge and pride, in an orbital sense of confusion. As the notes diffuse from the speakers in this tempered summer night you wake and pick up the dusted guitar and begin to play…

“Correvano anni migliori, amico mio.”

Some words, some verses, some melodies, lots of heaviness and anger. The gentle sound of the piano and the death metal vibes brake the quiet evening, soon replaced by melodies and soft intermissions… Simple but complex, powerful yet delicate. Let yourself sink inside this vision… A vision from a forgotten age, frozen in the stillness of time.

Amber Visions

Amber Visions Available, Now.

Le Jardin is happy to let you know that his new album “Amber Visions” is fully available for download throught the music page of this website:

le jardin des mémoires – amber visions

The full album is available for streaming at soundcloud:

soundcloud.com – lejardindesmemoires – amber visions


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Recording Amber Visions


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