(Malinconia Nouveau Tracks)

Requiem For A Dream

Walking a river of Broken Dreams My sight is Lost inside me Without direction and endless fear Words are Dead in my soul I know i lost something deep in my veins a piece of my brain is running slow…is running slow e mentre ti racconto la nebbia dei miei pensieri mi ricordo dei tuoi [...]

Tropic Of Cancer

Metaphor of humanity A depth calculation finds a new universe and speculations is an atom disarmony Mental disintegrations to discover what is a man? Heading to a new galaxy to find a new place to stand and mute ourselves and  beat our souls cause word is solitude Scratch another second breath  to find a word [...]

Black Swan Winter

From the sea scars are rising when darkness is like the sand sadness grows inside and desire turns to a smile Trenches spill blood from inside She takes a step out of a dream wold of pain and faith is no longer aside her when she climbs another cliff There is no more life sky [...]

Indaco lips

Consume me deep inside my skin a burden walks an endless road that is not fair enough fair enough and i hope to see you again with that erotic sad smile i will give you all my tears oh,i want to touch your skin i’ll take your warm shirt again remembrance of your hot red [...]