La Vida Es Sueño

That feeling of loss rises again. You want to fight it back, but you only drown deeper and deeper. The warm sound of a new melody that flies through the night keeps you awake. Awake from consciousness. You still dream… You are safe here. There is no revenge, there is no pride; only this peaceful haven in your heart. The only place where you can rest your wounded soul. You can share all to me, without fear. The guitar is laying against the wall. You know I lost something, deep in my veins. I need this dream.

“…it’s so important to know
how much weight we can carry…”

So you drown in this melodies. A sad vibe, a melancholic piano, a warm peaceful guitar… The anger and the heaviness of this tunes sink you deeper in your slumber, only to caress you heart a momement after with a soft touch of love. A tear on your cheek… a tear of melancholy, a tear of pure joy. This is our life… our dream.

Malinconia Nouveau