Third day on Passaggio Higgs

Wounded angel come
steal the moon with me
and keep selene in our arms
night is forever in our mind

I don’t know what happen to me
in this dismal of seppia memories
i touch myself inside

to have a proof that i’m alive

I don’t know
what is this circle
i want to feel myself
i want to feel
what i become

I become a black bullet right in my head
I never want this…
a sufferance that runs in my veins
Stop it..Stop it

I’m searching a light
to open this backdoor
What i feel is lost
words are running out like fire
I burn inside

I seek a weak answer to reborn like a city light
like an old lighthouse that spreads a thin message
and i really don’t know if i can resist another year
La vida es sueno
Life is a dream