Gianluca – Guitars, Bass, Electronics

Christian – Vocals, Drums, Electronics

“Le Jardin Des Mémoires”  it’s an avantgarde metal band, focusing on the emotional side of the composition, rather than the tecnique.  The concept is centered around the contrast between extreme metal and lonely reflection.

The project consists of two members, both are known for being part of the band “an Handful of Dust”,  here expanding their boundaries outside their usual fields.

The idea of the band was born a few years ago but was also soon left off. It was at the start of the year that the two decided it was time to resume it from were they left and give finally birth to “Amber Visions”.

The recording process was a journey through compromises and vision, learning a lot of new things and exploiting all the experince gained through the years. A challenge that was embraced with stubbornness and pride.

After a couple of months, the final result was Amber Visions.

Immediatly after the release of Amber Visions the band started the writing process for its successor. The journey was a different one, and the two tried a lot of new ideas and ways of doing things. Songs started to born, one after the other, and the excitement was really high. A year later, they rushed at the studio for the recording. A long session of recording, where they learned a lot.

More stubborn than ever. More driven than before.

The vison has taken form once again. A new one. A “nouveau” form.

“Malinconia Nouveau” is our gift to you.

So, take some time off…
Put the lights down, lean on the back of the chair, crank up the volume and let yourself sink into our nouveau vision.